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I’ve recently been thinking how I can ‘work smarter, not harder’ and an obvious optimisation is documentation.

At work, our team and I are actively trying to document the key areas of our working life in an attempt to help us right now, and indeed future team members. The team recently shared productivity tips with each other and one helpful list was the Chrome Extensions we use. Rather than document this list twice, I’m writing mine up here and will add the link to the Company Wiki.

I will endeavour to keep this list up to date as and when I start using new extensions.

GitHub Icons

Adds pretty icons to the source files in GitHub


Allows navigation of files in a content tree without the page needing to reload - much more natural way to explore the file structure

JSON Formatter

Prettifies JSON when viewing directly in the browser. Indentation, colouring, collapsing etc


Gyroscope pulls data from many different locations and displays the data in nice, easy to understand reports. Location, health, steps etc can all be pulled together using Gyroscope. The Chrome extension is used to display my productivity that day

Rescue Time

An extension that tracks how long you’ve spent on webpages so it can determine your overall productivity. Rescue Time also generates reports and can set up notifications when your productivity is low. This data is pulled into Gyroscope.

OneNote Web Clipper

A quick and handy way to bookmark, or scrape web pages and store them in OneNote


My password manager of choice. Generate new passwords, auto fills logins and forms. Really takes the hassle out of trying to remember a ton of different passwords

Save to Pocket

A way to clip articles on the web and store them for reading later. Coupled with the mobile app it’s great way to catch up on your reading during the daily commute.

Adblock Plus

Does what it says on the tin

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